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Fibrelastic - The Turf

Fibrelastic® is the registered trademark given to totally natural turf growing in a Fibrelastic® Rootzone. It is recommended for top-class professional football and rugby pitches.

A typical Fibrelastic® Rootzone (FERZ) would comprise 80% by volume sand and 20% by volume organic matter reinforced with both Polypropylene and Elastane fibres. The reinforced rootzone is totally premixed at our modern production facility and delivered to site in bulk tipper vehicles.

A typical Football or Rugby pitch of 7,500 m2 would require 1,200 tonnes of FERZ to form the upper rootzone at a depth of 100mm. The importance of this procedure makes it essential for the Fibrelastic® pitch to be laid by a qualified and specialist sportsturf contractor.

Fibrelastic is different to other fibre reinforced sand dominant pitches such as Desso Grassmaster and Xtra Grass. These rely on synthetic grass fibres as the root zone stabiliser.

Fibrelastic uses a blend of materials to reinforce the growing medium for more information, click here

Fibrelastic® pitches are both more player friendly and more groundsman friendly than existing fibre reinforced sand dominant pitches and, as such, represent a further step forward in rootzone technology for natural turf pitches.


Fibrelastic - the Turf

Fibrelastic pitch

Testimonials for Fibrelastic

Fibrelastic® proven technology is in use at these leading clubs
- Newcastle United
(since 2007)
- Glasgow Rangers
(since 2008)
- Llanelli Scarlets
(since 2008)
- Bristol City
(since 2007)

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