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The sand-dominant rootzone contains two quite different types of synthetic fibres. It has been developed by Mansfield Sand following a research programme at the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI). The aim has been to further improve the characteristics of typical fibre reinforced, sand-dominant rootzones by imparting a significant degree of resilience and energy absorption to the surface.

The aim has been achieved by mixing silica sand, organic matter, rigid polypropylene fibres and flexible elastane fibres to produce a completely homogeneous blend which is termed a Fibrelastic® Rootzone (FERZ).

The fully pre-mixed blend is then supplied to site for the sportsfield contractor to lay typically as a 100mm thick upper rootzone followed by surface preparation, fertilisation and seeding in order to produce the final natural turf finish.

This ‘elastication’ of the pitch provides a much more player-friendly surface, with less jarring of the limbs and a lower risk of injury. It is also less prone to surface disturbance, giving ball players a better grip.

It’s easier to look after than most current pitches because it’s just as hard wearing but doesn’t get as many divots.

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