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Fibrelastic Feedback
Here is some feedback from satisfied clients who are now enjoying the benefits of a Fibrelastic® pitch.

Eddie Rutherford

“Since it was laid five years ago, our Fibrelastic pitch has definitely had a positive impact on both the players and the wider support team. The softer surface has increased player comfort as well as significantly reducing the amount of impact injuries sustained by the players.

The materials and technology in the pitch have kept it playable even during the harshest of winters, with its levels remaining constant, little danger of slippage, and no loss of ball control. Even when there has been reduced grass cover, the pitch has retained its traction, making it the ideal choice for clubs exposed to inhospitable weather conditions like us.”

Eddie Rutherford,
Stadium Manager,
Newcastle United.

Craig Richardson

“Playing-wise it’s a lot softer, the players tell me it’s a lot easier to play on, it’s less aggressive on their joints etc. From a management point of view, it saves me time because we don’t need to aerate it every week. When we have had rugby here I was a little bit concerned with the softness of the pitch whether it was going to ruck up or not - but it didn’t, it played brilliantly.”

Craig Richardson,
Head Groundsman.
Bristol City

Stuart Pearce

"An unbelievable pitch. I spoke with Craig, the groundsman at Ashton Gate before the game and the quality of the pitch was great. I was told it was in good nick but didn’t realize how good it was.”

Stuart Pearce,
England Under 21 Coach

Pat Nevin's article on the state of today's pitches on

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